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Our Clients/ Partners

Our Clients/ Partners


Mode Of Engagement

Three D’s Mode of Engagement with the Customer


Model I

- Original Manufacturer is the prime services

- Three D is a subcontractor of the prime    service provider


Model II

- Client splits responsibilities between the
  Original Manufacturer and Three D

Model III

- Three D is the prime services provider

- Original Manufacturer is consortium    partner with Three D



Three D’s mode of engagement with the OEM




    • OEM

    • THREE D
  • Supply of Items

    • All proprietary items
    • All third party items

    • Trains handful of Three D Resources
    • - Prepares the training material and   Operation Manuals with the help of   the OEM
      - Imparts training to Airport Personnel

    • Provides minimal manpower for:
      - Initial installations during ITC
      - 3rd Level Maintenance and    Escalation Support
    • Provides manpower for:
      - Training
      - Throughout ITC process
      - 1st and 2nd Level Maintenance   Support

    • Provides Proprietary Spares and Software
    • Provides third party Spares and Software


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